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Print Technology


iCOM Solutions WorksWhile we provide todays products, we also constantly strive to develop tomorrows. Developing and integrating new technology into our clients systems and processes is a feature of the way we look at things. If we see an opportunity to improve something we like to explore it.


Print technology can take many forms. It can be developing a new automated process to speed up daily tasks reducing the risk of manual errors. It can be adding an interactive online ordering portal to streamline the buying process. Or it can simply be creating an online platform to provide services to your clients. iCOM develop cost effective web based solutions for clients in virtually any market sector, both public or private.


We don't just talk about technology, we actively pursue it. At iCOM the foundation of our Rewards business is a constantly evolving web based platform that is key to it's success. In addition our iSend Hybrid Mail system and Print4Safety website are just two examples of how integrating new technology into existing processes can launch new lines of business.


In addition to our web based solutions we have Cheqsoft, a server and PC cheque printing solution. This is an established digital payment system for personalising and printing base stock cheques on site or as a bureau service.


Examples of our Software Solutions:



  • Employee benefits reward platform
  • iSend hybrid mail system
  • Print4safety web portal
  • Trace Safe Match system
  • Trace Safe blood bag printing
  • Client portals


  • Cheqsoft digital payment system
  • Survey suite
  • Label software solutions
  • Warehouse tracking solutions
  • Thermal desktop and industrial label printers
  • Apps for Android and iPhone


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