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Manilla Folders


iCOM Print for Healthcare - Folders

We supply folders in a range of colours, the basic range is 12, and can even match your company pantone colours. You can have them in various weights up to a heavyweight 485gsm. The folders can then be laminated, or tabbed with plastic pockets added, plus an assortment of fittings and inserts.


Folders can be made more robust by having re-enforced edges on all sides to combat wear and tear.

They can be made up to a finished size of A5 or the more typical oversize A4. The folder can be designed to suit the capacity you need, with up to 4 internal wings to hold inserts. You can even have a ringbinder mechanism attached if required





Our E-Files are efficient, durable and reusable and can be ordered in various colours to suit your requirement. There are no clear covers revealing confidential patient information.


iCOM Print Works - E-filesYour documents can be inserted quickly and easily and are held securely on a swing or clamp clip, so no file hole punching is required. Our folders can also come with a transparent window which makes it easier for hospital staff to see the Patient ID Details.



Dividers & Inserts


We supply Dividers in a wide range of materials from standard manilla in a choice of standard 180gsm, to a heavy-weight silk or durable PVC or Polypropylene. They can also be laminated or have reinforced file holes, tabs, or edges.You can have them printed with anything from just a single colour title on the tab area to full colour on both sides.


We can also provide CTG wallets for your maternity folders plus tracer cards. In addition we can incorporate booklets, NCR sets, mount sheets, single forms and charts.


Our content range includes:



  • Manilla tabbed dividers – plain or printed
  • Side tabs and top tab sub-sets
  • Plastic dividers – plain or printed in PVC or polypropylene
  • Wallets – CTG, ECG, Referral Wallets or Keepsake


  • Mount Sheets
  • Charts and forms
  • Booklets




We supply a range of document clip solutions to securely hold your paperwork within a folder.


These mechanisms include:

Other accessories


  • 3 Part Mediclips – with standard or longer length laces if needed
  • Metal Fastening Prongs – in 2 standard sizes
  • Self Adhesive White Plastic Prongs
  • Treasury Tags


  • Year labels
  • Colour labels
  • Warning labels
  • CD wallets




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